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URL Policy Change

tldr; From next week, when you add a URL to Little Warden if the host url (domain or subdomain) isn’t in your monitor list, we will automatically add it, this is to aid future development and stop duplicate notifications.

Long explanation.

Wow, two blog posts in a week! Let’s not expect this pace for the rest of the year!

When we first created Little Warden (on a Cruise Ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) we invisioned a product which JUST monitored domain names for certain issues..

Fast forward two and a half years and we’ve thousands of URLs now monitored on a URL level…. which is fine (let’s face it, it lets us sell bigger packages) but also it means sometimes we have to work around that initial database design to make it work.

One of the main issues we’ve had since adding URLs has been notifications on certain checks like Whois and robots.txt which are at domain or subdomain level, we’ve made it too easy for people to accidentally enable them on thousands of URLs.

Initially we didn’t think of this scenario and did a a terrible job sending them multiple alerts but for the most part we’ve managed to stop this and work around it BUT that workaround was always short term and a combination of feedback to our latest customer survey (you should fill it in btw) and over Christmas we took some time to map out what the issues were with it and what we wanted to do.

So from next week, some checks will ONLY be enabled on the Host (the Root domain or subdomain)

  • Domain Name Expiration
  • SSL Expiration
  • Nameservers
  • MX Records
  • Robots.txt

(Now it’s the internet so there are bound to be some edge cases where your scenario is different, get in touch if that breaks your usage)

Looking at our current customer list, this only affects about 6 customers in total and only adds one or two URLs to their usage so we could have properly gotten away with it by sneaking it in.. but that’s not how we work at Little Warden (plus… gotta write some content)

I’ll send a tweet when this goes live and who knows, it might even be in the next newsletter!

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