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Improved Content Monitoring!

Two new features in TWO DAYS.. what is this new year NEW ME?

When we launched custom content extraction in 2017, I was always a bit annoyed by the ‘pain in the arse’ it was to use, sure it was an excellent feature but we made the user load up a tab and copy the xPath manually.

Since that launch we’ve had ‘make content extraction less shi of a pain to do’ but as things tend to do, other features and improvements got in the way.


That’s right you can use our Interactive wizard to monitor as many elements on the page as you’d like and get change monitoring on each of those.

But DOM I hear you say, getting an email EVERYTIME that changes is going to flood my inbox with a lot of useless notifications.

Well random blog reader you are correct and that is why on each content extraction you can use our advanced options to only get notified if for instance a certain word or number isn’t present.

We’ve still got a lot more coming to Little Warden and some quality of life improvements that we are looking forward to sharing (but don’t be expecting a new feature every day!)

Already a Little Warden Customer?
Head over to the Custom Content check and click Use the Wizard!

Not already part of the Little Warden Family?
Wow, that hurts a lot, why not take a look at our free trial and treat yourself!

Thank you and have a great day


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