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Software we use at Little Warden (2021 Edition)

Every year, I wanted to do a “Tools we use at Little Warden post” but last year got ahead of us so here is our 2021 list nice and early. 

First of all, what did we say goodbye to in 2020

Live chat software

We turned off live chat, it wasn’t helping sales and support queries were still being sent by email. It just meant I was constantly on edge waiting for the next notification, as soon as we turned it off there was almost a sense of relief.. Also be warned if you use Crisp, their billing system will charge you for an extra month you don’t get to use, yet no amount of fact or evidence will persuade them that it is happening..

I spent over an hour on their own livechat and just gave up in the end.


Kanban style management

We’ve just not used it as much as we have before, mainly because we’ve changed the way we do planning, we are constantly looking to improve and optimise our process and maybe one day we will come back to it (although our good friend Ned is going to take us through Notion soon)


Screen recording software

We’ve not needed the weight of Camtasia recently, our videos comprise of small snippets of video layered with humorous (we hope) slides, when we get into larger screencasts and videos Camtasia will return to the list I’m sure.

What are the new kids on the block


Do I even have to explain?


Todo list app

Yes, it’s another todo list app and while it’s early days but we are enjoying the crossplatform nature of ticktick and more importantly we have a routine of adding and checking to a ticktick list. The big question is, where will it be on next years list?


Screenshot / recording software

We replaced Monosnap with CleanshotX. We were finding Monosnap having issues with the latest version of OSX and discovered CleanshotX as part of the Setapp subscription which made it a no brainer!


Open Source Software KVM

In the office I have a four monitor setup. Two for working on with my Mac, one for the LW Dashboard (more info coming soon) / our home CCTV and one for a windows PC I use for various tasks (mostly the odd game of fortnight with friends). Barrier has replaced Synergy as the software KVM which allows me to seamlessly use the same mouse and keyboard to control them all.


Lightweight CCTV Viewer

We use Glance to keep an eye on our home CCTV system, this is especially important during the Christmas Light Season as it lets you know when people are outside watching the display!

What are the staples


Amazing wireframing tool

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Balsamiq is the best piece of software I’ve ever spent money on. It has been used almost every day for 10 years and almost every feature of every project gets mocked up in Balsamiq before going ahead and getting implemented


SaaS Profitability Metrics 

It’s been hard to look at Profitwell for the last year but that doesn’t mean we should hide from it, they provide some excellent SaaS metrics and integrate directly with your payment platform.


Macromedia Fireworks for the web

I am a terrible terrible designer, Canva covers a lot of that and allows me to mockup graphics quickly that look good.

Sublime Text Editor

Code Editor

Once again, we’ve yet to find another editor that manages large files and has the amount of plugins and functionality that Sublime does, at one point Atom Editor was looking good but that seems to have been cast off like an unwanted child compared to Visual Studio Code


Multiple Gmail inbox manager

I have too many GMAIL inboxes that all need individual signatures, contact lists and histories, Mailplane has allowed me to manage them all individually for years, sometimes it gets a bit excited and has a memory leak but a quick restart and we are all sorted.

SQLPro Studio

Database GUI

SQLPro Studio allows us to manage Postgres, MySQL and SQLite databases all in one, a relatively new bit of software functionality is been added all the time and there are some key things missing (such as export options) but it’s getting there.  This year we’ve seen SQLPro Studio added to the Setapp subscription

Accounting Software

Danni will kill me if I don’t put this in here.

What is in your list? Are we missing anything? Let us know!

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