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At Little Warden, we don’t have tonnes of VC investment money or a large bankroll for a big marketing stunt.

As you can tell by our standard WordPress theme, we have a LITTLE budget for things and so we had an idea (or at least Dom did, Heather wanted no part in this)

So here is the plan, I’ve withdrawn $50 of the Little Warden marketing budget and we are going to put it all on Fiverr*

Here’s what we need;

  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Google Adwords Copy
  • A bit of keyword research would be nice
  • Some social media promotion (that isn’t buying followers or links)
  • A shareable article of content
  • Lets chuck in an SEO Audit whilst we are here

Lets set some rules;

  • You can only spend $5 on each item, none of these ‘upgrades’ or special packages $5 that’s the budget.
  • No matter what the quality, no negative reviews, we are trying to write a funny article not ruin someone’s business.
  • Everything that gets delivered will be posted and available to download by our massive blog audience

The orders are placed and some have already returned, you may want to subscribe to the blogtwitter feed or facebook page to keep an eye out.


* This is an affiliate link as I’ve got to make the money back somehow, I’m certainly not going to make it back on this marketing campaign.

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