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This is the fifth in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to start at the introduction.

It’s time for us to get a bit of traffic to the website. I’ve been around the internet long enough not to fall for a ‘guaranteed 10,000 visitors to your website’ advert, they will just do a pop-under on a porn site (I guess, I mean I’VE never seen anything like that personally… but I’ve heard from friends).

So let’s look at some social love starting with everyone’s favourite place to buy personal data, Facebook.

Finding the Seller

Before we get into picking the seller, let me level with you. The main aim for us when building Little Warden (after paying for silly things like the mortgage and food and childcare) is to pay for our trips to Disney so when looking at social traffic we have to use our current conversion rate and package information to estimate value.

The first job that came to mind was one offering to share the post with over 375k peopleWoah, even if only 10% of those clicked through to the link that’s 37 THOUSAND visitors to the website, probably more than we’ve ever had, if we can convince 3% of those to buy Little Warden that’s 1125 Customers and based on our current customer profiles of Silver and Gold that’s £33,750 of new customers for a $5 investment!. I AM A MARKETING GENIUS!  I was already looking at flights and a Polynesian Village Bungalow for the week when I spotted another advert.

I will share your post with 500k fans, that’s almost DOUBLE the number of fans for the same price.. using the same maths as above I worked out that if the traffic and conversion rates were Just about right that would be £45,000 of brand new customers! At this point I was looking into the Florida property market and mortgages, I couldn’t believe nobody had tried this before!

Before I clicked buy it now.. my fingers started to tremble as a related job appeared.. I will promote your link to 20 million people. 20 million..  I did the maths;

Even accounting for a 5% CTR that’s still A MILLION visitors to the website and with an estimated 2% conversion rate on that traffic means – 20,000 customers! (and at an average package of Silver / Gold that would make a pretax income of £600,000. But greed got the best of me.. could we go higher.. is it possible to think bigger than 20 million visitors views on a link to my website.

Yes, it is FIFTY MILLION..  This was it, I had a great feeling about this gig. I brought Heather into the living room to help me with the numbers (she has a maths PHD which helps with numbers this large).

50,000,000 views on the post
5% CTR = 2,500,000 visitors to the website
2% Conversion rate  = 75,000 customers
£30 average package price – £2,250,000.

I was almost a millionaire! I could retire to Florida and spend my days riding the jungle cruise chuckling along to jokes about the backside of water. It was so close I could feel it.

I just had to place the order.

Once again I was asked for the standard industry questions as well as the link and a short description. I wasn’t born yesterday so I added a link so I could track ALL the links and visitors that came to my website.

Little Warden is a daily monitoring tool to keep an eye on the tedious things about running a website.

* Domain / SSL Expiration
* http -> https / www -> non www redirect checking
* Robots.txt change monitoring
* GeoRedirect checking

And over 30 other checks from less than $20 a month!

Kristen thanked me for my content but stripped out the link on the original post, NEVER MIND with the help of an expert in Google Analytics, I added some UTM stuff to the URL so I could track it!


Later that same day! Kristen sent me a message saying the job had been completed and my post was now live! She even included helpful screenshots. lots and lots of screenshots (available to download as a zip)

I Panicked! Little Warden is designed to scale but we couldn’t handle 2 million visitors now and certainly not 30,000 new customers, I needed to buy some more servers.

I decided to wait a few minutes for the first orders to come in before I purchased some more.

So I waited.

and waited.

and waited.

After an hour or two we still hadn’t had a customer, there must be something wrong with our payment gateway, I called them to check and they had no reported issues.

I decided to leave it and hope that everything would work better overnight, maybe I’ve got my time zones mixed up and it’s mostly Americans in the group who aren’t awake yet.

I checked Google Analytics the next day ..

We didn’t have 2 million visitors that day.
We didn’t get two million visitors that week.
We didn’t get 200,000 visitors
We didn’t get 20,000 visitors
We didn’t get 2000 visitors.

We got 2 visitors.

2 visitors.

I’m starting to lose faith in Fiverr for digital marketing. 

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