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$50 on Fiverr – Press Release

This is part six in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to start at the introduction.

Press releases are easy ways to get links” everyone says, well I want some of that, so what better thing to put to the test of our Outsourced Marketing Department.

I need a press release written about 500 words, we’ve already had some copywriting done so this should be a pretty simple job.

Finding the Seller

There are MANY MANY sellers of Press Release writing on Fiverr so we take our usual approach; Filter by those that will actually do the work for $5 (it’s getting harder) and then select the one with the best avatar.

This time we found a corker.

Look at this beautiful specimen of a man, if I wasn’t a happily married man with a child and a tortoise (and a wife that doesn’t read this blog) I’d be… anyway.

Jack, I’d LOVE to have you work on my campaign, let us get this order sorted..

But there is something that looks a LITTLE familiar about Jack..

Just a little, let’sread his BIO

Hmm that’s a bit strange, his bio says he lives in the USA but Fiverr says he’s from Nigeria! What a classic mistake! I bet he’s probably logged in when he’s on holiday visiting the Yankari National Park*.

Anyway, I still had something lingering in the back of my mind so I dug a little deeper.

And then we hit the JACKPOT

…Jack is actually Richard Madden!

He’s only bloody worked on Game of Thrones (and more importantly a Disney film or two!)

I’ve heard of actors using false names online to protect themselves from fanboys but the silly billy has forgotten to use a fake picture!


Order Process

Pretty standard order process, two questions

  1. What industry does this order relate to? (optional)

    Internet & Technology

  2. Hi, I will like prospective buyers to provide details, URL address or necessary information that will enable me deliver a unique and professional service required.

    Hello, we’d like to have a press release written about our latest marketing campaign where we outsource all of our marketing to Fiverr. 

    This is the link to the start of the campaign and the links follow to the current progress.

    Thank you and have a magical day


Two days letter we had our press release.


Little Warden Writing | PRESS OFFICE

The Blog of Little Warden For Immediate Release:  ……………  

Monitoring Tool For Domain & SSL Expiration, URL Response & Direct Checks

Outsourcing | Marketing | Operation |

Little Warden was founded by a team of professional and specialized information technology. The company is the first of its kind that provides outsource services and marketing to individuals and companies in area of monitoring tools for domain and SSL Expiration, URL response and direct checks on service operations and is targeted directly towards providing satisfaction to clientele. Little Warden Writers have tripled in size since opening its doors and outsources to numerous clients. 

Do you know that your domain and SSL security depends highly on its authenticity and security tracking? To achieve success in your domain and SSL server, you must ensure that it is tracked and monitored regularly. As a contemporarily marketing and outsourcing company, ready to give buyers all the personal attention deserved and most importantly trusted. We have got you covered with a range of high quality options that is reasonable and affordable. Our success is founded on professionalism, integrity and exceptional service in delivering the most astounding standard of solutions tailored to our clients’ satisfaction.

With the use of Little Warden writing, your specific business needs will be optimized. Tell yourself, “I know a lot, but I still have chance of being wrong.” By thinking this way, you automatically put yourself ahead of the game. Stop doing the same thing and allowing the same result happen to you over and over again, no matter what you do now, learn the rules from little Warden Writing.

The undeniable facts are, space or opportunities not utilized cannot be created. Just think, you could use little warden writing for your up-to-date tracking and monitoring of your server without the need to get worried. 

For inquires, visit: www…………………..,  email ………………………. or call ………………. for quick update and response.

Richard. Richard Richard Richard, I’m starting to see why they killed you off in Game of Thrones.. You just don’t pay attention!

For a start, the company is called Little Warden! 

I thought I might be overreacting to this job so I sent it to my PR buddy Andy Barr owner of Digital PR firm 10 Yetis**

“This isn’t a press release, this isn’t an article that could be placed in any credible title, this is not even a piece of content that could go in a newsletter… this is just evidence that Fiverr is not the place to go if you want professional written copy. I would say it is dog poo, but I feel that would offend the canine Media community.” – Andy Barr 10 Yetis

It’s hard to know what to say so let’s take some snippets;

Little Warden Writers have tripled in size since opening its doors
I mean that’s a bit personal, I admit I’ve put on a bit of weight but I’m working on it.
The undeniable facts are, space or opportunities not utilized cannot be created.
I think I need to be high to understand this
As a contemporarily marketing and outsourcing company
Is he talking about us?
I could go on but this article is already long enough as it is.
I was going to break the rules and ask for a revision but then I looked at Richards Wikipedia page and I thought, you know what, maybe he just needs the money.
So rather than do that I just sent him a quick message and closed the case on the Press Release
We’ve some budget left over so if you can think of any fiverr jobs that would work in this series or an area we should cover, ping them on twitter or comment on the blog (does anyone do that these days)
And remember

*no YOU googled Nigerian landmarks
** no he totally didn’t do it for an onbrand keyworded link
*** yes he did. 


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  1. I’ve been following this series with wild befuddlement.

    This is the first time I laughed out loud. Now i need to explain why to my wife. Thanks!