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This is the second in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction and part one.

Up today is Keyword Research.

Almost every marketing campaign starts with some Keyword research, what terms do I need to target for my audience and Little Warden has so many features it can be difficult to narrow down.

Selecting the Fiverr Job

This was one a little tougher as there are hundreds of people offering to do ‘keyword research’ but I found Cathy who had over 6 years experience and over 15,000 customers!

What could go wrong?

Let’s check out those packages

A two-day turnaround for 30 keywords, sounds perfect!

Ordering Process

I was asked for two bits of information

  • What industry does this order relate to? (optional)
    • Internet & Technology
  • Basic and Standard Packages: Just send me your website’s URL and a short explanation of the niche it targets (along with one SPECIFIC example of a seed keyword phrase you’d like to rank for), and I’ll do the rest!
    • It targets the SEO / web development industry
    • SEED KEYWORDS – domain name expiration check, redirect checking, robots.txt change monitoring


Cathy delivered within 2 days and threw in an extra 20 keywords! (and gave a bit of background of some of the stats such as CPC and keyword difficulty.

You can get the suggested keywords at KWSuggestions_littlewarden

Well, I gotta say I’m a LITTLE disappointed in this one, Cathy, I trusted you! I thought my hard earned $5 would go into some valuable research but you’ve just pasted domain name expiration check into another SEO tool and exported and sent it..

I mean look at these keywords; web domain, domain auction, web hosting… WEB HOSTING.. Cathy, I thought we had a bond.
You broke my heart Cathy..


The dream has been shattered, turns out I cannot get decent keyword research done for $5, sure Cathy threw in an extra 20 keywords and that’s good of her, but I’m still hurt. I guess I’ll have to look for a decent agency to do Keyword Research for me.
Next up, let’s get a full SEO audit for $5.. I’m feeling confident.

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