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This is the first in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction.

I hate writing Ad copy, so this was priority #1 for any marketing campaign, let’s get some decent adverts written.

Selecting a Fiverr Ad


After a quick search for ‘Facebook Ad writing,’ I found this guy, I will be honest, after looking at that picture I was sold.

Look at the confidence.

Anyone that can look into the camera like that and say “Oh yes, I can handle it” has got my money.

Let’s check out those packages

One ad for $5 fits well within the budget and a 3 day turnaround time is more than acceptable.


Ordering Process

After selecting my industry I was asked to supply my URL ( and a brief description of my service

Little Warden is a daily check service to monitor the tedious things about running a website, things like domain / SSL expiry, redirect checking, robots.txt change monitoring and content change detection


I’m pleased to say that Vito (at least I think that’s his name) delivered within the time period suggested and delivered a DOCX doc full of suggestions.

You can get this at Littlewarden_FB


Whilst the Ads weren’t for me, I was happy with the quality of them if I was targetting a less technical audience, Vita also went the extra mile to supply TWO ads for the price of one!.

I also love the idea of Making your website happy.

Next Steps

I think I may need to bite the bullet on this and get in some PPC experts to try and lend me a hand. Although with everything in the news at the moment, mayybbee we should lay low on Facebook for a little bit.


You can read Part two now when I try some Keyword Research


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