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New Feature : Edit Mutiple URLs

You know sometimes you look back at a feature and think ‘what the hell were we thinking when we launched that?’

Welcome to our OLD edit mutiple checks interface!

If I had a pound for every complaint we’ve had about this feature, well, I’d probably have about £8, it’s not a popular feature but bloody hell it’s confusing to use.

I designed the thing and even I’m confused when I explain it.

The concept was sound, we needed a way that you could enable and disable checks on mass for multple checks BUT in a lot of cases some checks would be enabled for some but not others and you wanted to leave them alone.

Hence the frankenstein’s monster of an interface.

This has been bugging me for MONTHS but I couldn’t find a nice way of doing it, until the other day when Heather suggested an idea.. a very good idea, which was both brilliant and worrying.

You see the way Little Warden works is that I come up with the ideas, Heather builds it and I get the credit..

But now Heather is coming up with really good ideas…

I’m starting to feel very replaceable


Our NEW Edit Mutiple URLS Interface

This new interface allows you to select the individual checks to enable and disable and then save and update. Perfect!

This feature is also the first official introduction of Robot Dom on the application side, keep an eye out for him though, you’ll be seeing him a lot over the next few months.

This feature is live and ready to go now! So go ahead have fun!


Dom, Heather, Scarlett and Robot Dom!

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