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Little Update #6

It’s been a while since we did one of these, to be honest it’s partly because I’m sick of every company (including the manager of Tesco every week) telling me how they are doing during the coronavirus and partly because we are working whilst distra educating and entertaining a four year old.

Little Updates

Whilst not a user facing feature, we’ve finally built our internal dashboard which has been on the ‘features list’ for a while. This lets us know what actions users are taking, when emails / slack notifications are being sent and what features / checks are most popular.

We’ve already found and fixed an issue with Slack notifications being sent twice in some cases and over the next few weeks we will be investigating each check and how to increase the usefulness and popularity.

What’s Next?

This week we will be launching a big update to LW, the first stage of our ‘advanced notification settings’ (I’ll think of a sexy name later), due to the complex nature of this check, we’ll be rolling this out check by check over the next few weeks but here is a mockup of what you can expect

There is a lot to digest here but here are a few points to pull out

  • Cleaner colour scheme with the status colour highlighted
  • A clear action of ‘what to do next’ for each check
  • The ability to be more specific as to when you should be notified
  • Robot Dom makes his appearance in the application for the first time ever!

We’ll be rolling this out first on SSL and Domain name expiration this week!

Family Updates

Scarlett is at home with us ALL the time which switches between an amazing experience and a struggle with great frequency, we’ve been doing plenty of family things together (I’ve never made so many cakes) but she misses her extended family, her friends and her routine.

We’ve been working on a few family projects such as our Christmas Lights project (I KNOW IT’S APRIL!)

We’ve also been playing a LOT of Animal Crossing, so if you want to discuss Turnip Prices or come and visit

Next Family Trip?

The end of the garden looks pretty good to us at the moment


This is where we try and highlight something every week that we didn’t create in the hope it gets some attention from other people (and they aren’t a usually a client so THIS ISN’T A PAID LINK JOHN..

It feels likea cop out but there is no bigger than you we want to say that wasn’t all the Key workers that are literally keeping this country going.

From the Doctors, Nurses and NHS staff that are literally putting their life at risk to save others.

To the teams who deliver our post, pick up our bins, drive our lorrys, man our tills and keep the public transport system going for those who have to work.

Let’s not also forget all the sysadmins and network administrators who are making sure that the UK’s internet backbone is still running.

That’s a wrap!T


Real Dom, Heather, Scarlett and of course, Robot Dom

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