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Little Update #4

See, new branding on here as well

I told you we’d have one of these out before we went to Paris and here it is! Are you proud of me? Please, I’d just like a bit of positive reinforcement.

Little Updates

What’s Next?

We’ve got some early feedback from our Projects and Saved Settings launch that we want to jump on and some housekeeping over the next few days (as we are off on a bit of a family holiday)

When we get back, we are working on a more granular notification system for each check, you’ll be able to select more specific senarios for a check to notify you (and at what severity) and if that doesn’t excite you.. then you are pretty normal because let’s face it, nobody should get excited about features on a monitoring tool

Family Updates

  • I’m now the dad of a four year old
  • Saturday was a two party day for the girls, with Scarlett having a soft play party (#neveragain) in the afternoon then the evening the girls had a joint party with friends.

Next Family Trip?

We are heading to Disneyland Paris as the final part of Scarlett’s Birthday (and one of the many excuses we make as to not buy her a ‘big present’.)

We think this time Scarlett will FINALLY be tall enough to ride on Tower of Terror, Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain so it’s an exciting trip for us

Last week we had a great time at the Harrogate Indoor Funfair.

Sadly, It’s becoming more and more likely that our China trip will have to be cancelled if not significantly changed, we are reading the news everyday and we’ve agreed to make the decision in the next 4 weeks.


This is where we try and highlight something every week that we didn’t create in the hope it gets some attention from other people (and they aren’t a usually a client so THIS ISN’T A PAID LINK JOHN..

This week, there was no other person we could give a shoutout to other than Rachel!

She did the amazing work on the new Little Warden Logo and it was a pleasure working with her.

You should get in contact with her.

That’s a wrap!

Support times will be delayed this week whilst I’m queuing for yet another ride on the It’s a Small World.. in the World.


Real Dom, Heather, Scarlett and the newly looking goood Robot Dom

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