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Little Update #3

Hello to the literally tens of people reading this (according to our stats), it’s been a bit of a light few weeks for updates this time due to so much work happening on the New URLs feature (which is VERY VERY VERY close)

Little Updates

  • New Check selection now split into tabs for easier reading and expandability later.

What’s Next?

Well other than our New URLs Section, we’ve been making progress on two new design things.

First up our Logo Mark, we love the current one BUT it’s a public domain icon that we used and it’s time for us to have something of our own.

Next up (and more exciting to some), Robot Dom is very close to having a face! So close infact, I can show you a LITTLE preview of him right now!

Robot Dom Preview

I’m really excited to show this to the world and put a face to the name

Family Updates

  • Birthday month is here and so that is on Scarlett’s mind most of the day (including how many cakes she would like)
  • We are watching the updates from China with regard to our May family holiday, it’s concerning but there is nothing we can do about it (especially as they expect both Disneylands to be closed for 2 months!
  • The videos are still going strong with the Final day of our November trip now live, Six Flags : Magic Mountain (…please subscribe)

Next Family Trip?

After Cadbury Land last weekend (video soon), we’ve got a few weeks before our next adventure which is the Harrogate Indoor Fun Fair!


This is where we try and highlight something every week that we didn’t create in the hope it gets some attention from other people (and they aren’t a usually a client so THIS ISN’T A PAID LINK JOHN..

This week I’d like to give a shout out to Mark and the team at candour for building the excellent application

I’ve been using this a lot recently to do some writing (more information coming soon) and it’s really helped me look at the questions people are asking about subjects

That’s a wrap!

I was going to give a shout out to Mark Rofe (the very lonely billboard guy) but since he has ignored my lunch invite on FB messenger, I think the fame is starting to get to his head..


Real Dom, Heather, Scarlett and soon to have a face Robot Dom

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