What should I be monitoring with Little Warden

One of the most common questions people ask about Little Warden is ‘What shall I track’  and that’s a very good question. Since most of our clients are Digital Agencies or brands, we tend to focus on those used cases but if you’d like advice for you specifically, just reply to the email and Real Dom will be in touch.


All of your domain names that you own as a company


Even if initially all you track is Domain / SSL expiration monitoring, that one of the most common uses of Little Warden, even big brands like Microsoft and AirBnB can forget to renew domain names, it’s costly and embarrassing.


All of the domain names that your client’s own  (Including any microsites or previous brand names )

When a client migrates to a new brand name, or that fun SEO campaign with a URL which has ended, the relevant redirects are put in place; but of course you need to track them and ensure they don’t break!


You also need to keep an eye on renewing that Domain / SSL as it’s easy to forget about.


Any subdomains running on those domain names

Little Warden can ensure that subdomains are indexable, responding correctly and tracking is correctly installed.


All development / staging environments for you or clients.

As important as it is to ensure that your main site is indexable, it’s almost as important to make sure that test environments are not.


We check the robots.txt, x-robots and meta robots tag to ensure that any possible way of being indexed is flagged up.


All prospective clients and recently lost clients  

We’ve had customers tell us that they’ve won clients back after sending a quick email when LW notifies them of a change that could be detrimental to the website.


As for all prospects, it makes good sense to get a heads up of some basic issues that might be a problem before the campaign even starts; (nothing like pulling out a few quick wins in the pitch).


A few ‘important’ pages on each site that you are working on


We normally recommend tracking these; (especially when big or multiple teams are working on the site), to ensure nobody changes the title tags or important elements without authorisation.


I hope this gives you some help when deciding what to track with Little Warden and remember if you’ve any questions, just reply or click the Live Chat button on the website