Slack Chat Bot Commands

We’ve recently launched a fully integrated Slack Chatbot so you can have direct access to Little Warden from within your companies room.

Adding Robot Dom

To manage your URL’s with Slack you can talk to our Slackbot @robotdom.

First, you need to /invite @robotdom to a channel:

Adding URL’s

You can ask @robotdom to add a URL for you:

You can list multiple URL’s by separating with a ‘,’. @robotdom will add each URL using your default scan settings. If you want to enable/disable certain checks you can list them when adding the URLs:

For a full list of checks that you can enable/disable see the API settings page.

Checking a URL

You can ask @robotdom for the status of one or more URL’s:


Checking the Change History

You can also ask @robotdom to show you any changes from the last 24 hours with the changelog  command

You can filter this changelog by a specific site (or a number of sites separated by a “,”):

This is the first release of our Slack Bot and we welcome any feedback by using the support form