Setup Notifications

Little Warden has a few types of notifications, these can seem overwhelming at first but they can all be enabled or disabled depending on your need

  • Patrol Report
    • Usually emailed on the first Monday of the month
    • This report gives you a complete overview of all the sites with checks that are in the  Danger and Warning state.
  • Daily Changes Report
    • Every morning this report gives you an overview of any issues that have appeared in the last 24 hours.
  • Monthly Renewal Report
    • This report will give you an email containing all the domains that have a domain or SSL expiration in the next 60 days so you can keep ahead of any expirations.
  • Expiry Alerts
    • Expiring domains and SSL certificates are one of the most common reasons to sign up with Little Warden, so we make sure we let you know when they are close to happening, when these are enabled we will email you when it is:
      • 30 days to renewal
      • 20 days to renewal
      • 10 days to renewal
      • 05 days to renewal
      • 03 days to renewal
      • 02 days to renewal
      • 01 day to renewal

When you visit the Notification Settings page you will find the account owners email address in the ‘who to notify’ section but you can add multiple email addresses into it by separating them out with a comma.

If you’d like to have reports about individual sites sent to some users, you can also do these by viewing the site in Little Warden, clicking Settings and entering the email address in the notification settings.