Dealing with security software like Incapsula or Cloudflare

Little Warden is used to checking the status of thousands of pages across the internet and we like to consider ourselves one of the ‘good guys’ when it comes to web bots.

However sometimes the people with CDNS and security software don’t take kindly to us (even though we are doing it with permission!) and either block us or give us dodgy data

Whilst we continually try and get around this both from a code perspective and by trying to talk to the teams to explain that we ‘are one of the good ones’, one of the things you can do to fix this instantly, is enable Whitelisting.

Whitelisting assigns you one single I.P. address which will be used to monitor a site (or group of sites)  this lets you log in to the Incapsula or other software security panel and add the I.P. to a whitelist (or email the client to do so if you don’t have access).

You can do this easily by viewing a URL and going to the setting page and enabling


Once activated you can then log in to your software and whitelist the I.P. address (or email it to the client to do so.

Here are some common tools and how to this

As we come across more software we will add them here!