I’ve missed you, but things have changed

Oh Hey, it’s been while since I posted on here, I’m sorry and I’ll get more into why later but we have some exciting news, Little Warden has had a redesign!

It has taken MONTHS to get to this point because we didn’t just want to give it a new template and be done, we wanted to make it easier to use and quicker to see what you need, lets go through SOME of the things that make us proud about Little Warden v3.

The New Dashboard

Little Warden Dashboard

When you login now you are brought straight to the dashboard! giving you a quick look at what has changed, what renewals need looking at and any pinned URLS you’ve created.

URLs List

The URLs list got a bit of a redesign as well, showing you the favicon, some nicer spacing and allow you to pin those ones you want to focus on

URL View

Probably the biggest change for Little Warden is our URL View, now you can look at every check and it’s value easily by scrolling, no clicking required, modification is as simple as ‘Enable Check’

Outstanding Issues

Outstanding issues not only looks fantastic but also has been configured to make the tasks most taken easier to action.

Oh and best of all, this is the first time the Little Warden website has been designed to be Mobile Friendly! (to be honest, I still don’t understand people who want to use it on a mobile but I try not to judge)

We’ve got plenty more to come including the refreshed marketing website (with new images and screenshots) but for now, please enjoy and if you’d like a run through of the new system remember you can book a free one-2-one at www.calendly.com/littlewarden

Thank you and it’s good to be back!

Dom, Heather and Scarlett.

Announcing the Penguin Awards 2019!

That’s right, after the success of the Penguin Awards last year, they are back!


The Penguin Awards are an annual celebration of the lighter side of the SEO industry, with categories such as ‘best office pet’, ‘worst beard’ and ‘old search personality of the year’, this is one award you’ll want on your shelf

Dom Hodgson

As per last year entry is only £10 and ALL the entry money goes to our fundraiser for Martin House Children’s Hospice.

I’m really proud that last year with this and the running we raised £10,000 for Martin House but this year, I think we can beat that.

Please like, share and subscribe but most importantly, Enter!