$50 on Fiverr – SEO Audit

This is the third in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction,part one and part two.

It’s SEO Audit time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dom, there is no way you can get a comprehensive SEO audit for $5” and you might be right.. BUT that’s not what these Fiverr jobs say, and who am I going to trust.. a bunch of ‘industry experts’ or an advert that looks like this

Actually, the answer is neither, I am GUTTED I didn’t see the above advert during my original search, it would have made a much better article.

Sadly the original user that I used for my job youngceaser’ has been deleted from Fiverr and all jobs removed… Wait a minute, someone from the SEO industry doing something potentially dodgy and breaking the rules? SHOCKING.

Anyway since we cannot look at packages and the job itself lets look at the

Order Process

Straight away we got a message from Dimi saying he was on it and asking for a few more details.

But then this one was a bit strange (and I THINK one of the reasons they may not be able to sell high-quality SEO audits on Fiverr anymore) as rather than ask you for the answers on Fiverr they direct you to a questionnaire on another website to fill in.

From there they try to sell you ‘upgrades’ and ‘special offers’, it felt more like buying a domain name from Godaddy than filling in my details.

What was it trying to shill by the way YoungCeaser.com/subscription of course! (I’ve not linked to the post because I don’t even want to give them the nofollow credit for that big crock of scam)


So they’ve already got me on edge by trying to sell me rubbish for $250+ a month after buying a $5 audit but the promised turnout in just 48 hours so fingers crossed they can earn a bit of trust back.

3 days later..

Oh Dimi, Dimi Dimi Dimi. You suddenly want an extra 3 days for my order, that’s disappointing but suppose you are putting in the extra effort into my audit so I guess that’s fine.

Luckily less than 24 hours after that I received delivery of the full SEO Audit

….wait a minute Kris and Stan..

who the hell are Kris and Stan..

What happened to Dimi?

I hope he’s okay, they wouldn’t fire him over delaying my order for a day or two would they, he’s probably got kids to feed.

So here is the report they sent, let’s look it over before we do a bit more of a deep dive. FO712FD14F8C6_-_Website_ANalysis


So let’s just dive right in shall we?

The Competitor analysis is three images that all look like this.  

You can see that Little Warden isn’t winning on any of those fronts so we’ve got some work to do, the only problem is, I don’t quite know who the competitors they’ve compared me against https://exp.. is the start of a LOT of domain names.

Okay ignore that, they’ve helpfully added a competitors.txt file which lists who they think our competitors are. that one is my fault. If only you could edit blog posts.

Next up they’ve helpfully provided a Disavow feature, now I like to think I know a thing or two about Disavow, having built a platform that manages thousands of them but I don’t see the logic of the sites they’ve added in here (unless they consider SEO blogs to be untrustworthy and WHO would think that).

Then we get down to the meat and potatoes of why we are here. the SEO Audit.

233 issues found! WOW I need to jump on that straight away.

Wait a minute…

I know that layout

Really, you didn’t even pay for the white label package AND you asked for an extra THREE days to press a button, wait 30-50 seconds (we only have 40 pages on the site) then upload the PDF to your system.

You didn’t even use the best SEO Audit Tool.


Here is what I hoped would happen, whilst performing a full audit of the website Dimi would realise that HEY, we can use this tool with our clients and future reports!  So I’d pick up an SEO Audit AND a new customer.

But what I received was three exports from SEO tools from two blokes named Kris and Stan.

Once again I feel like the advert has promised more than it has delivered, I’m starting to lose faith in the whole concept of getting high-level marketing tasks done by internet strangers for $5. 

Next up, you can read about copywriting and I’ll attempt to get a 500 word article for $5.

$50 on Fiverr – Keyword Research

This is the second in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction and part one.

Up today is Keyword Research.

Almost every marketing campaign starts with some Keyword research, what terms do I need to target for my audience and Little Warden has so many features it can be difficult to narrow down.

Selecting the Fiverr Job

This was one a little tougher as there are hundreds of people offering to do ‘keyword research’ but I found Cathy who had over 6 years experience and over 15,000 customers!

What could go wrong?

Let’s check out those packages

A two-day turnaround for 30 keywords, sounds perfect!

Ordering Process

I was asked for two bits of information

  • What industry does this order relate to? (optional)
    • Internet & Technology
  • Basic and Standard Packages: Just send me your website’s URL and a short explanation of the niche it targets (along with one SPECIFIC example of a seed keyword phrase you’d like to rank for), and I’ll do the rest!
    • https://littlewarden.com
    • It targets the SEO / web development industry
    • SEED KEYWORDS – domain name expiration check, redirect checking, robots.txt change monitoring


Cathy delivered within 2 days and threw in an extra 20 keywords! (and gave a bit of background of some of the stats such as CPC and keyword difficulty.

You can get the suggested keywords at KWSuggestions_littlewarden

Well, I gotta say I’m a LITTLE disappointed in this one, Cathy, I trusted you! I thought my hard earned $5 would go into some valuable research but you’ve just pasted domain name expiration check into another SEO tool and exported and sent it..

I mean look at these keywords; web domain, domain auction, web hosting… WEB HOSTING.. Cathy, I thought we had a bond.
You broke my heart Cathy..


The dream has been shattered, turns out I cannot get decent keyword research done for $5, sure Cathy threw in an extra 20 keywords and that’s good of her, but I’m still hurt. I guess I’ll have to look for a decent agency to do Keyword Research for me.
Next up, let’s get a full SEO audit for $5.. I’m feeling confident.

$50 on Fiverr – Facebook Ads

This is the first in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction.

I hate writing Ad copy, so this was priority #1 for any marketing campaign, let’s get some decent adverts written.

Selecting a Fiverr Ad


After a quick search for ‘Facebook Ad writing,’ I found this guy, I will be honest, after looking at that picture I was sold.

Look at the confidence.

Anyone that can look into the camera like that and say “Oh yes, I can handle it” has got my money.

Let’s check out those packages

One ad for $5 fits well within the budget and a 3 day turnaround time is more than acceptable.


Ordering Process

After selecting my industry I was asked to supply my URL (https://littlewarden.com) and a brief description of my service

Little Warden is a daily check service to monitor the tedious things about running a website, things like domain / SSL expiry, redirect checking, robots.txt change monitoring and content change detection


I’m pleased to say that Vito (at least I think that’s his name) delivered within the time period suggested and delivered a DOCX doc full of suggestions.

You can get this at Littlewarden_FB


Whilst the Ads weren’t for me, I was happy with the quality of them if I was targetting a less technical audience, Vita also went the extra mile to supply TWO ads for the price of one!.

I also love the idea of Making your website happy.

Next Steps

I think I may need to bite the bullet on this and get in some PPC experts to try and lend me a hand. Although with everything in the news at the moment, mayybbee we should lay low on Facebook for a little bit.


You can read Part two now when I try some Keyword Research


$50 on Fiverr – It begins.

At Little Warden, we don’t have tonnes of VC investment money or a large bankroll for a big marketing stunt.

As you can tell by our standard WordPress theme, we have a LITTLE budget for things and so we had an idea (or at least Dom did, Heather wanted no part in this)

So here is the plan, I’ve withdrawn $50 of the Little Warden marketing budget and we are going to put it all on Fiverr*

Here’s what we need;

  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Google Adwords Copy
  • A bit of keyword research would be nice
  • Some social media promotion (that isn’t buying followers or links)
  • A shareable article of content
  • Lets chuck in an SEO Audit whilst we are here

Lets set some rules;

  • You can only spend $5 on each item, none of these ‘upgrades’ or special packages $5 that’s the budget.
  • No matter what the quality, no negative reviews, we are trying to write a funny article not ruin someone’s business.
  • Everything that gets delivered will be posted and available to download by our massive blog audience

The orders are placed and some have already returned, you may want to subscribe to the blogtwitter feed or facebook page to keep an eye out.


* This is an affiliate link as I’ve got to make the money back somehow, I’m certainly not going to make it back on this marketing campaign.