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The Two Disney’s

Whenever an article is written about Disney and its history, it usually gushes over Walt; his characters, his creations and his legacy. Of course, this is all well deserved but we also feel that Roy deserves as much of a mention in most cases.

Whilst Walt was the creative force, the free thinker and the ‘talent’, Disneyland and the Disney legacy wouldn’t exist today without Roy making sure that things were budgeted and paid for (and when they ran over budget, that more budget was found).

So at Little Warden, we look at every decision from the point of view of Walt and Roy making sure that all decisions have both a creative and financial case.

This is a great help when looking at feature requests and our development queue. Each task has several questions asked of it before it is prioritised.


  • How excited are users about this functionality
  • How can we market this new functionality
  • Does this open up a new customer base for us


  • What is the technical cost for implementation
  • What is the time cost for implementation
  • How much does this confuse the UI
  • Is this a short term fix or a long term goal
  • How important is this
  • Can we charge extra for this functionality

You’ll notice that Roy has more questions than Walt, that’s because it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement with Walt, the excitement of launching a new feature public and publishing that blog post and looking at the excited tweets (who am I kidding, we are a monitoring application, we are the only ones that get excited about that!).


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