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I listen to a LOT of podcasts about starting startups, growing companies and selling companies but they all talk about the family as this other entity that is separate.

At Little Warden that’s not the case, we are a wife and husband team that work together during the day and then work on other projects in the evening.

You can quickly run out of things to talk about spending all day every day with your partner, there isn’t much point asking “How was work today honey” when they spent the entire day less than 3ft from your desk.

It’s made more difficult by the fact that I’m ‘always on’, if I have an idea that I’m passionate about, it’s all I can think of, I’m constantly thinking of features, marketing opportunities, partnerships and how we can implement them… To most partners, this thought process would mean nothing and can be dismissed but with us, Heather is fully involved with the business so she needs to make sure I don’t go down a rabbit hole and get excited about something that we can’t commit to (in some ways she is my Roy). So even though she might be sick of me debating a ‘new way of doing geolocated redirect checks’ (last nights over dinner conversation), she has to listen.

I’ve tried separating work and life, leaving the job at the office and coming home and doing something completely different and that worked for a while. I tried a new hobby (electronics) but I kept filling my ‘ideas’ book with services and startups I could build and eventually I started working on one of them.. and this is where we are today.

So what do we do to avoid the awkward silence and inevitable divorce?

We do other things.

We have a young daughter and we try and take her out as much as possible for family days, we also have time alone with Scarlett giving the other partner a break and the opportunity to do something different.

(Heather visits her friends for afternoon tea whilst I pretend to be a comedian)

Running a startup is tough but I’m really pleased that I get to run this one with my wife, success and failures are shared and I know that when we’ve enough customers to retire to that Florida housing estate, it will be much better that we’ve done it together.

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