Custom Useragents and Viewports now with Little Warden

I know, I know, Little Warden launches the Sexiest of all the features this Easter Holiday but both of these have been requested by our users so at least SOMEONE is going to be excited about them.

Monitoring Custom Viewports

When using our Javascript Rendering, you can now choose the viewport to monitor, this is great when combined with our Content Change Monitoring to see specific changes on mobile view!

Custom User Agents

Little Warden has always tried to mimic a ‘real user’ as much as possible which means using a normal browser User Agent, however in certain circumstances (such as firewalls and bot blocking software) it would be nice for people to be able to set their own.


Now you can select from three defined ones or just choose your own!

That’s all for today folks but we are working hard on some other updates for you to be announced shortly!