Download your invoices directly!

One of the issues we’ve had since launching Little Warden is sending invoices via email, we use Xero for our management and for some reason it just isn’t playing nice.

So today we’ve launched the ability to download your invoices directly from the Account Details page.

We’ve also made some much requested UX tweaks to the Add URLS and URL View pages but that’s not worth a blog post.

Custom Content checks are now enabled!

A few hours ago a customer emailed with a feature request “We’d love to be able to check for specific content on the page, like tracking code which isn’t GA”

About 20 minutes ago I replied with “Hello! that’s live now, hope this helps”

They instantly replied with “Best customer service ever”

Now what this story doesn’t mention are the 20 customers that have asked for this feature since July.. but they aren’t as impressed with us.

But you can now search for specific words or phrases within the HTML and we will tell you if they ever disappear (just remember, we only check once a day!)

This feature is perfect for

  • Tracking systems that we don’t check by default
  • Making sure a CSS ID or CLASS appears
  • Check for a link on a page and confirm it’s there
  • Ensure nobody changes the h1 tag
  • I’d come up with more examples but it’s 22:30 and I’m tired.


Geo Redirection checking is now live!

After a lot of exciting development (as exciting as development can be) Geo Redirection checking is now live!

What is Geo Redirection checking?

Sometimes you want visitors to your website redirected to either different domains or different sections depending on which country they come from.

For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you may redirect your UK visitors to the domain and the US visitors to the .com version.

What countries are enabled?

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Japan

We will be adding more over time but if there are other countries you’d like to see enabled urgently, please let us know!


Changes to the Daily Emails

We listen to all feedback at Little Warden, good and bad.

One of the bits of negative feedback we’ve received from customers is that we email a little too much.

So we’ve reviewed our email preferences and made some slight tweaks, your daily report will now only be sent if we’ve detected changes in the last 24 hours.

The current Patrol report will default to be sent monthly (but can be tweaked to send weekly)

Hopefully, this will make sure that the emails that arrive in your inbox get a little more attention!

rel=”canonical” Detection now active!

We are knocking off feature requests faster than you can say “Have you thought about..”

Checking if the Rel Canonical tag is in place and going to the right place is now active and can be enabled.

We’ve used the example of our friends at and the excellent guide to help us with the best practice.

By default, GREEN will be when the Canonical URL matches the URL you are scanning but you can easily override this with Custom Configuration.

Say hello to X-Robots Header and Meta Robots Scanning

That’s right, two of the most requested features since our initial launch is the ability to scan for both the X-Robots HTTP Header and Meta Tag. 

The custom configuration is the same at Robots.txt indexability, you can specify if something should be indexable or not (the default is Indexable but if you have a staging or development site, you can easily switch this.

You can activate these right now on your URLs by flipping the switch.

Just Launched, New Expiration Notifications

We’ve just put live a new notification type specifically for SSL & Domain name expiration warnings.

They are so important we’ve even used Emoji (🚨🚨) to attract your attention.

These alerts will send when the expiration reaches

  • 10 days until expiration
  • 5 days until expiration
  • 2 days until expiration
  • 1 day until expiration

Domain and SSL expiration are the most common uses for Little Warden and based on the feedback we’ve received, these checks deserve their own notification

Of course, they can be disabled in the Notifications Panel like all other alerts.


Introducing Custom Configuration

Yesterday we launched a complete overhaul to our Overrides system.

When we first launched Little Warden, we had a simple override system that allowed you to say “that’s okay” to something.

This worked well with our small beta audience but the feedback from advanced customers was clear, they wanted more advanced settings.

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