$50 on Fiverr – Social Traffic Generation (Facebook)

This is the fifth in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to start at the introduction.

It’s time for us to get a bit of traffic to the website. I’ve been around the internet long enough not to fall for a ‘guaranteed 10,000 visitors to your website’ advert, they will just do a pop-under on a porn site (I guess, I mean I’VE never seen anything like that personally… but I’ve heard from friends).

So let’s look at some social love starting with everyone’s favourite place to buy personal data, Facebook.

Finding the Seller

Before we get into picking the seller, let me level with you. The main aim for us when building Little Warden (after paying for silly things like the mortgage and food and childcare) is to pay for our trips to Disney so when looking at social traffic we have to use our current conversion rate and package information to estimate value.

The first job that came to mind was one offering to share the post with over 375k peopleWoah, even if only 10% of those clicked through to the link that’s 37 THOUSAND visitors to the website, probably more than we’ve ever had, if we can convince 3% of those to buy Little Warden that’s 1125 Customers and based on our current customer profiles of Silver and Gold that’s £33,750 of new customers for a $5 investment!. I AM A MARKETING GENIUS!  I was already looking at flights and a Polynesian Village Bungalow for the week when I spotted another advert.

I will share your post with 500k fans, that’s almost DOUBLE the number of fans for the same price.. using the same maths as above I worked out that if the traffic and conversion rates were Just about right that would be £45,000 of brand new customers! At this point I was looking into the Florida property market and mortgages, I couldn’t believe nobody had tried this before!

Before I clicked buy it now.. my fingers started to tremble as a related job appeared.. I will promote your link to 20 million people. 20 million..  I did the maths;

Even accounting for a 5% CTR that’s still A MILLION visitors to the website and with an estimated 2% conversion rate on that traffic means – 20,000 customers! (and at an average package of Silver / Gold that would make a pretax income of £600,000. But greed got the best of me.. could we go higher.. is it possible to think bigger than 20 million visitors views on a link to my website.

Yes, it is FIFTY MILLION..  This was it, I had a great feeling about this gig. I brought Heather into the living room to help me with the numbers (she has a maths PHD which helps with numbers this large).

50,000,000 views on the post
5% CTR = 2,500,000 visitors to the website
2% Conversion rate  = 75,000 customers
£30 average package price – £2,250,000.

I was almost a millionaire! I could retire to Florida and spend my days riding the jungle cruise chuckling along to jokes about the backside of water. It was so close I could feel it.

I just had to place the order.

Once again I was asked for the standard industry questions as well as the link and a short description. I wasn’t born yesterday so I added a bit.ly link so I could track ALL the links and visitors that came to my website.

Little Warden is a daily monitoring tool to keep an eye on the tedious things about running a website.

* Domain / SSL Expiration
* http -> https / www -> non www redirect checking
* Robots.txt change monitoring
* GeoRedirect checking

And over 30 other checks from less than $20 a month!


Kristen thanked me for my content but stripped out the bit.ly link on the original post, NEVER MIND with the help of an expert in Google Analytics, I added some UTM stuff to the URL so I could track it!



Later that same day! Kristen sent me a message saying the job had been completed and my post was now live! She even included helpful screenshots. lots and lots of screenshots (available to download as a zip)

I Panicked! Little Warden is designed to scale but we couldn’t handle 2 million visitors now and certainly not 30,000 new customers, I needed to buy some more servers.

I decided to wait a few minutes for the first orders to come in before I purchased some more.

So I waited.

and waited.

and waited.

After an hour or two we still hadn’t had a customer, there must be something wrong with our payment gateway, I called them to check and they had no reported issues.

I decided to leave it and hope that everything would work better overnight, maybe I’ve got my time zones mixed up and it’s mostly Americans in the group who aren’t awake yet.

I checked Google Analytics the next day ..

We didn’t have 2 million visitors that day.
We didn’t get two million visitors that week.
We didn’t get 200,000 visitors
We didn’t get 20,000 visitors
We didn’t get 2000 visitors.

We got 2 visitors.

2 visitors.

I’m starting to lose faith in Fiverr for digital marketing. 

I think what I need to do is some sort of  ‘viral video’ that will get the traffic, lets write about that next time.

$50 on Fiverr – Content Writing

This is the fourth in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction, part one, part two and part three.

I hate content writing, I always get complaints about my wrong use of the word there or that I’ve used too many commas.

I’m thinking of getting t-shirts made which say ‘Google is my spellcheck’ but when you are building a SaaS tool these days.. Content Marketing is king (apparently).

So let’s see what Fiverr can bring us today

Choosing the Gig

There are a LOT of content writers on Fiverr so I had to choose one which stood out, would they have the confidence of the Facebook ads or the epileptic fit inducing graphics of the SEO audit.

In the end, it came down to the photo and for this adamscott88a (there must have been two adamscott88’s?) 

Look at this picture, you can imagine him, writing in his notebook all the articles he wants to write whilst listening to the sound of the spring birds in the trees.. magnificent

Dear Diary, today some bloke from England has paid me $5 to write 500 words on Dropcatching, spring has finally arrived



Let’s check out his packages.

As usual with the rules, we will be going with the lowest option which is more than adequate for our needs.

Order Process

This one was pretty simple as usual we have to fill in a few options, I tried to make it as easy as possible.

  1. What industry does this order relate to? (optional)

    Internet & Technology

  2. Subject or title (and keywords if known). If you have a particular tone or slant, tell me that too.

    Hello, I’d like an article on Dropcatching domain names and how to do it. 

    Thank you


2 days later Adam delivered!

What Does DropCatching Domain Names Mean and How Do You do it?

Dropcatching is a method of getting hold of domains after they have expired. To understand how it works you first need to understand how domains are registered and deleted.

How Domain Names Expire

One a domain name is bought it is registered for 1-10 years, at the end of this time it is expired. At his point the domain is no longer accessible, but the owner still has time to act and keep the domain if they wish. The owner has 45 days to pay a renewal fee. This is the renewal grace period.

If the renewal fee is not paid the status of the domain moves onto the redemption grace period. During this time the owner can still decide to renew their domain, but it will now cost them more money to do so.  The redemption grace period lasts 30 days.

If at the end of the thirty days the domain has not been renewed, then it will enter a deletion process. This deletion process takes 5 days, and at this point there is no going back, the domain will be released for resale.

On the last day of the deletion process the domain will be ‘dropped’. This can happen at any point between 11am and 2om (PST) on this day. It is following the drop of these domain names that registrars can swoop in and catch the dropped domains.

Why is Drop catching a ‘Thing’

Drop catching can be a way to scoop up a domain name on the cheap. If you catch it yourself you don’t have to pay much to register it. If you are very lucky you can catch a high value domain for a bargain price. However, drop catching has become very competitive and if a high value or popular domain is coming up then your chances of catching it yourself are slim to zero.

Certain domain names are intrinsically more valuable than others, and some domain names may have value to a specific person. This variability of value has led to a market forming in the trading of domain names, and drop catching is a way for traders to gather up more ‘merchandise’.

How Do You Go About Getting a Dropped Domain Name?

If there is a specific domain name that you are after, you can register you interest with some drop catching services, who will keep an eye out for that domain name becoming available. When it does they will attempt to get it for you. If you were the only one interested they will generally provide it to you for a modest fee. If many people were interested the domain name will often be auctioned off.

If you are just interested in seeing what is out there that you can acquire, then you can request lists of soon to be dropped domains to peruse. Then request or bid for these domain names.

There is no guarantee that you will be able to acquire the domain you are after even if it does drop, it is a bit of a free for all at drop time.

526 words and he even included a Copyscape report… what a good egg!


I’m actually suitably impressed with this post for $5, it has its mistakes and it’s light on the details but to be honest, based on the previous parts of this series, I expected a copy and pasted article or some mangled article that is spun using some software (which it might be but I cannot find the original article just yet).

Nice work Adam, I hope you enjoyed working with me and get back to the park with your notepad.

Later on this week, we will look at traffic generation.   

$50 on Fiverr – SEO Audit

This is the third in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction,part one and part two.

It’s SEO Audit time.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dom, there is no way you can get a comprehensive SEO audit for $5” and you might be right.. BUT that’s not what these Fiverr jobs say, and who am I going to trust.. a bunch of ‘industry experts’ or an advert that looks like this

Actually, the answer is neither, I am GUTTED I didn’t see the above advert during my original search, it would have made a much better article.

Sadly the original user that I used for my job youngceaser’ has been deleted from Fiverr and all jobs removed… Wait a minute, someone from the SEO industry doing something potentially dodgy and breaking the rules? SHOCKING.

Anyway since we cannot look at packages and the job itself lets look at the

Order Process

Straight away we got a message from Dimi saying he was on it and asking for a few more details.

But then this one was a bit strange (and I THINK one of the reasons they may not be able to sell high-quality SEO audits on Fiverr anymore) as rather than ask you for the answers on Fiverr they direct you to a questionnaire on another website to fill in.

From there they try to sell you ‘upgrades’ and ‘special offers’, it felt more like buying a domain name from Godaddy than filling in my details.

What was it trying to shill by the way YoungCeaser.com/subscription of course! (I’ve not linked to the post because I don’t even want to give them the nofollow credit for that big crock of scam)


So they’ve already got me on edge by trying to sell me rubbish for $250+ a month after buying a $5 audit but the promised turnout in just 48 hours so fingers crossed they can earn a bit of trust back.

3 days later..

Oh Dimi, Dimi Dimi Dimi. You suddenly want an extra 3 days for my order, that’s disappointing but suppose you are putting in the extra effort into my audit so I guess that’s fine.

Luckily less than 24 hours after that I received delivery of the full SEO Audit

….wait a minute Kris and Stan..

who the hell are Kris and Stan..

What happened to Dimi?

I hope he’s okay, they wouldn’t fire him over delaying my order for a day or two would they, he’s probably got kids to feed.

So here is the report they sent, let’s look it over before we do a bit more of a deep dive. FO712FD14F8C6_-_Website_ANalysis


So let’s just dive right in shall we?

The Competitor analysis is three images that all look like this.  

You can see that Little Warden isn’t winning on any of those fronts so we’ve got some work to do, the only problem is, I don’t quite know who the competitors they’ve compared me against https://exp.. is the start of a LOT of domain names.

Okay ignore that, they’ve helpfully added a competitors.txt file which lists who they think our competitors are. that one is my fault. If only you could edit blog posts.

Next up they’ve helpfully provided a Disavow feature, now I like to think I know a thing or two about Disavow, having built a platform that manages thousands of them but I don’t see the logic of the sites they’ve added in here (unless they consider SEO blogs to be untrustworthy and WHO would think that).

Then we get down to the meat and potatoes of why we are here. the SEO Audit.

233 issues found! WOW I need to jump on that straight away.

Wait a minute…

I know that layout

Really, you didn’t even pay for the white label package AND you asked for an extra THREE days to press a button, wait 30-50 seconds (we only have 40 pages on the site) then upload the PDF to your system.

You didn’t even use the best SEO Audit Tool.


Here is what I hoped would happen, whilst performing a full audit of the website Dimi would realise that HEY, we can use this tool with our clients and future reports!  So I’d pick up an SEO Audit AND a new customer.

But what I received was three exports from SEO tools from two blokes named Kris and Stan.

Once again I feel like the advert has promised more than it has delivered, I’m starting to lose faith in the whole concept of getting high-level marketing tasks done by internet strangers for $5. 

Next up, Is copywriting and I’ll attempt to get a 500 word article for $5.

$50 on Fiverr – Keyword Research

This is the second in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction and part one.

Up today is Keyword Research.

Almost every marketing campaign starts with some Keyword research, what terms do I need to target for my audience and Little Warden has so many features it can be difficult to narrow down.

Selecting the Fiverr Job

This was one a little tougher as there are hundreds of people offering to do ‘keyword research’ but I found Cathy who had over 6 years experience and over 15,000 customers!

What could go wrong?

Let’s check out those packages

A two-day turnaround for 30 keywords, sounds perfect!

Ordering Process

I was asked for two bits of information

  • What industry does this order relate to? (optional)
    • Internet & Technology
  • Basic and Standard Packages: Just send me your website’s URL and a short explanation of the niche it targets (along with one SPECIFIC example of a seed keyword phrase you’d like to rank for), and I’ll do the rest!
    • https://littlewarden.com
    • It targets the SEO / web development industry
    • SEED KEYWORDS – domain name expiration check, redirect checking, robots.txt change monitoring


Cathy delivered within 2 days and threw in an extra 20 keywords! (and gave a bit of background of some of the stats such as CPC and keyword difficulty.

You can get the suggested keywords at KWSuggestions_littlewarden

Well, I gotta say I’m a LITTLE disappointed in this one, Cathy, I trusted you! I thought my hard earned $5 would go into some valuable research but you’ve just pasted domain name expiration check into another SEO tool and exported and sent it..

I mean look at these keywords; web domain, domain auction, web hosting… WEB HOSTING.. Cathy, I thought we had a bond.
You broke my heart Cathy..


The dream has been shattered, turns out I cannot get decent keyword research done for $5, sure Cathy threw in an extra 20 keywords and that’s good of her, but I’m still hurt. I guess I’ll have to look for a decent agency to do Keyword Research for me.
Next up, let’s get a full SEO audit for $5.. I’m feeling confident.

$50 on Fiverr – Facebook Ads

This is the first in our $50 on Fiverr series, where we try to get our online marketing up to scratch by spending our ENTIRE budget on Fiverr, before we start you might want to read the introduction.

I hate writing Ad copy, so this was priority #1 for any marketing campaign, let’s get some decent adverts written.

Selecting a Fiverr Ad


After a quick search for ‘Facebook Ad writing,’ I found this guy, I will be honest, after looking at that picture I was sold.

Look at the confidence.

Anyone that can look into the camera like that and say “Oh yes, I can handle it” has got my money.

Let’s check out those packages

One ad for $5 fits well within the budget and a 3 day turnaround time is more than acceptable.


Ordering Process

After selecting my industry I was asked to supply my URL (https://littlewarden.com) and a brief description of my service

Little Warden is a daily check service to monitor the tedious things about running a website, things like domain / SSL expiry, redirect checking, robots.txt change monitoring and content change detection


I’m pleased to say that Vito (at least I think that’s his name) delivered within the time period suggested and delivered a DOCX doc full of suggestions.

You can get this at Littlewarden_FB


Whilst the Ads weren’t for me, I was happy with the quality of them if I was targetting a less technical audience, Vita also went the extra mile to supply TWO ads for the price of one!.

I also love the idea of Making your website happy.

Next Steps

I think I may need to bite the bullet on this and get in some PPC experts to try and lend me a hand. Although with everything in the news at the moment, mayybbee we should lay low on Facebook for a little bit.


The next update will be posted on Tuesday so keep an eye out on our Twitter / Facebook or Blog.


$50 on Fiverr – It begins.

At Little Warden, we don’t have tonnes of VC investment money or a large bankroll a big marketing stunt.

As you can tell by our standard WordPress theme, we have a LITTLE budget for things and so we had an idea (or at least Dom did, Heather wanted no part in this)

So here is the plan, I’ve withdrawn $50 of the Little Warden marketing budget and we are going to put it all on Fiverr*

Here’s what we need;

  • Facebook Ad Copy
  • Google Adwords Copy
  • A bit of keyword research would be nice
  • Some social media promotion (that isn’t buying followers or links)
  • A shareable article of content
  • Lets chuck in an SEO Audit whilst we are here

Lets set some rules;

  • You can only spend $5 on each item, none of these ‘upgrades’ or special packages $5 that’s the budget.
  • No matter what the quality, no negative reviews, we are trying to write a funny article not ruin someone’s business.
  • Everything that gets delivered will be posted and available to download by our massive blog audience

The orders are placed and some have already returned, you may want to subscribe to the blogtwitter feed or facebook page to keep an eye out.


* This is an affiliate link as I’ve got to make the money back somehow, I’m certainly not going to make it back on this marketing campaign.

Force a country with our daily checks

A few months ago we introduced GeoRedirect checking to allow you to check a URL from a specific country and ensure that the redirects work.

Now we allow you to force a specific country to do the other checks.

The logical question to ask would be why didn’t you launch this at the same time as the GeoRedirect changes and to be honest, I don’t have a good answer for that.

But it’s launched now!


Element Level Change Monitoring now live!

I know, that’s a bit of a mouthful but trust me, this is a pretty cool feature (although you’re talking to a man who gets excited about a www. to non www. redirect to let’s have some context).

Other than the one we won’t be doing, this has been our most requested feature so far, the ability to track a CSS or XPath element for changes.

I’m pleased to say that it’s live now and you can use it.

What’s that? You don’t know how to get the XPath of an element on a page, well look here, we’ve got a nice video to help you through it


This check will have three parts and this is part one (obviously)

  • Part One – Allowing you to add a CSS selector or XPath in to monitor changes
  • Part Two – Allowing you to add multiple checks to monitor multiple things on the same page
  • Part Three – Make a nice GUI to select things on a page to be monitored.

Part one is officially done and launched, we’ve got a few UX tweaks and then we are jumping straight onto Part Two!


Custom Content Check can now accept Regular Expressions!

We’ve got a bunch of technical users that like to request features and we LOVE it.

A few days ago, we put an addition to our custom content feature which allows you to search not only for a static block of text but use a regular expression.

We’ve been using this in testing to ensure a search result always returns results.

/Showing (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9)\d{1,10}? Results/

I’m fully aware my regular expression skills aren’t up to par but it gets the point across. I’m told there are thousands of ways you can use this but to be honest, I can only think of three, but it wasn’t a hard feature to launch and quite a few people asked for it so we did it.