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A Little Warden Free Trial!

After months and months years of prompting by our good friends at Sitebulb, today we are switching things up and offering an optional free trial for people to give Little Warden a go. 

When you sign up now you are given the option of paying for your account (which is certainly our preference) or you can take a 14 day trial and explore the features of Little Warden.

A trail account will get similar resources to a small team but there is one exception You cannot sign up for a free trial with a gmail or other free provider account (we’ve been burned with these before).

Other than that, all account functionality is active, as we dip our toe into this new option for people, we WILL be monitoring for abuse but fingers crossed you people on the internet will be nice, signup for a trial and realise hey, this thing is great!

As usual, any questions send us an email or tweet @littlewardenapp

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